Self Employed Mortgage Solutions

Being your own BOSS has it perks. But when it comes to mortgages, you might face a lot of challenges. Therefore, I am here to help you.

With my trusted advice and professional lending services, I will show you ways to maximize your savings and get APPROVED in one shot. Plus once I review all your documents, I will be able to show your income potential and stability for the years to come.

No need to question your lifestyle and business choices. Just because you run your own business, does not mean you don’t deserve a mortgage. As a self-employed myself, I understand how you might feel when looks at you as risk. Moreover, they may judge you as an applicant with credit risks. Even though you may actually have a more stable source of income than those who are working 9 to 5 for an employer.

Use my calculator to know how much you can qualify for. Or download my app on your smartphone and get much more!

I have access to great mortgage programs you wouldn’t even believe exist. Not only can you finance your primary residence, but also your vacation homes.

I am a Licenced Mortgage Expert and have assisted a decent number of self-employed clients with getting a mortgage. And they always send more business to me, as they’re satisfied by my “going the extra mile” for my clients.

Obtaining a mortgage if you’re self employed has never been easier, and you will be excited to learn that the mortgage products available today are structured to help you succeed in your business and your personal life.

So contact me now to GET APPROVED!


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