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Apply for your Mortgage now. And once you’ve completed the application, I will be in touch shortly to get your approval letter.

I have expertise in mortgage programs offered by Canada’s largest lenders. Coupled with my superb connections with over 90 lenders, I assure you I will get your mortgage approved! So forget about doing any research for mortgage.

And yes, I will get you the best available discounted rates, cash back and tricks to maximize your benefits as a buyer.

If you do not know how much qualify for, use my Mortgage Calculators. If you have any other sorts of income sources, give me a call to find out if that can be used to qualify you for more mortgage.


Mortgage Application

To apply online, click here.

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You may apply for:

  • Pre-approval
  • Approval
  • Refinancing
  • Renewals
  • HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
  • 2nd Mortgage (upto 85% LTV)
  • Private Lending
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Construction and Land Financing

I work with people from all employment backgrounds: Salaried. Seasonal. Self- Employed. Corporation owners. Real Estate Investors. Commercial Businesses. First-time Home Buyers.

If you issues with credit, downpayment or income, I may have the solution! Don’t hesitate to call me to discuss more.


Amritjot Saini

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